Friday, February 17, 2012

EZClip Sun Visor Brackets

Universal Visor Bracket:

EZClip Brackets is in the process of developing a low-cost, universal sun visor mount bracket that will fit most models of vehicles.

Fix for Explorer (Mountaineer, Aviator) Sun Visor Issue

The ONLY replacement bracket that can be used to re-mount sun visors in 2002 - 2005 Ford Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers and Lincoln Aviators that you will ever need.

The Silver Bullet 3 Bracket. These brackets work on 2002 - 2005 models of Ford Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers and Lincoln Aviators. Please note that models with a sunroof may require an additional shim (not provided) based on the wear-and-tear of the visor due to the slightly different angle of the headliner; though most with sunroofs have not had this issue. The clips that comprise this bracket are made of one-eighth inch thick, solid aluminum, that have been professionally designed and machine made. The Silver Bullet 3 is made so that the original cover plate will attach to it.  Below is the price for each bracket:

Single EZClip Silver Bullet 3 Bracket (Patent Pending) - $19.99
Pair of  EZClip Silver Bullet 3 Bracket (Patent Pending) - $31.99

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EZClip Brackets

Return Policy

If you have any problems with your brackets please contact us via email at within 30 days of receipt and we will gladly refund the cost of the brackets less the shipping charges upon return or send you replacement brackets at your request.

Bulk Sales / Distributor Quantities

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Installation Instructions

Silver Bullet 3 Bracket Installation


Click here for Downloadable Installation Instructions (PDF File)


This is what the visor mount looks like on the vehicle. Note the location of where the screws go in.
These are the three clips that comprise the Silver Bullet 3 Bracket. Note the bevel on the corners of the Bottom, or Main Clip that act as the tabs to attach the cover plate. The top clip has a bevel on the top part of the channel.
This is how the clips seat around the mounting post for the visor, and how the cover attaches to the Main Clip (cover not included). Notice that the Main Clip is seated so that the bevels on the corners (for the cover tab) are on the top. Also note that the bevel on the channel of the top clip is on top.
This is the bracket with the new shim clips included.
Hold the bracket together while you put in the screws.
The thickness of the bracket provides horizontal support just like the original bracket.
The visor is now mounted with the cover plate snapped in place.

Installation Videos

Silver Bullet 3 Bracket Installation

Previous Models

Silver Bullet 2 Bracket Installation

The Silver Bullet 2 Bracket was replaced by the Silver Bullet 3 Bracket

Silver Bullet 1 Bracket Installation

The Silver Bullet 1 Bracket has been replaced with the Silver Bullet 2.

Eagle Bracket Installation

The Eagle Bracket was replaced by the Silver Bullet 1 Bracket.